Student Contract

Qualifications of course participants

While the training centre has provided all relevant information of the course participant’s eligibility of government training grants / subsidies / admission pre-requisites for the WSQ course to the best of its knowledge, the participant is strongly advised to conduct his or her own due diligence concerning the government training grant(s) for which he or she intends to apply and must be eligible. The training centre bears no responsibilities whatsoever to the ineligibility, loss or disqualification of the said government training grant(s) on the part of the course participant.

In the event that the participant is unable to secure the government training grant(s), he or she must pay the full training fees to the training centre, without any deduction, discount or concession from the training centre.

Eligibility of grants and subsidies

The course participants must fulfil at least 75% of attendance of all required activities of the course and achieve 100% correct answers in the post-course quizzes for the E-learning component. The course participants must also pass all assessments as the requirement for course completion and fulfil the eligibility of grants and relevant subsidies. [Please consult respective course information brochure for full information on each course.]

Requisite skills and assumed knowledge

As all the WSQ courses developed by SALT Pte Ltd are practical and intended for deepening of job skills and knowledge, we expect you to have some prior knowledge of the subject matters. Do consult the respective course information brochure; or visit our website again to read the course synopsis. Feel free to drop us an e-mail by clicking on the ‘contact us’ icon on our website if you need further explanation of our trainer/Facilitator.

E-learning module prior to the classroom interaction

You will receive a text message before the course commencement to prompt you to take the e-learning modules before the classroom training commences (or on Zoom if the situation warrants).

The first text message you will receive from the centre will occur 2 weeks prior to the commencement of class, which is a week before the E-learning module starts.

Do read the instructions on the e-learning module and all the online assessments that you are required to fulfil before the classroom interactions commence (or on Zoom if the situation warrants).

The e-learning modules will equip you with the necessary requisite of the classroom interactions, so that when you join our class, you would have been very well acquainted with the concepts and the learning outcomes.

Background Reading and reference materials

If you are keen to start the learning journey earlier than the course commencement, there will be background reading and relevant references for you to consult. Each WSQ module will come with bibliography and reference materials to help you with understanding. Or if you wish to commence learning right away, do alert the training centre and we will make necessary arrangement for you to commence the E-learning journey as soon as possible.

Email enquiries available

Our Facilitators are experienced practitioners, advisors or consultants in the relevant fields. If you do have any queries pertaining to the subject matters of the course, feel free to drop us an e-mail or leave your comments on our website; and the relevant Facilitator(s) will be in contact with you.

WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) / Certificate

Learners must personally log into the Training Partner Gateway portal to retrieve their respective Statement of Attainment or WSQ Certificate.

Thank you for choosing SALT as your partner in this lifelong learning journey; and we hope that this will turn out to be fruitful and fulfilling for both of us!