If it's not for cashflows,
It's not investment

In Singapore real estate investments, ignorance costs. Capital value of residential properties appreciates, but costs of ownership rise in tandem as well. In this book, Sam shows you the true cost of home ownership, so you make better investment decisions.

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Book Synopsis

In real estate investments, ignorance costs. In Singapore, capital value of residential properties appreciates as a matter of course, but costs of ownership rise in tandem as well. If one does not do the homework on cash flows and overpays for a property, one may not achieve the financial freedom one aspires. The same principle applies to homeowners.

The 5 main Chapters of this book focuses on real estate investment calculations. It will explain the following:

  • The Rule-of-Thumb calculations – Capitalization Rate, Payback Period, and Cash-on-Cash Return
  • Using Return on Equity (ROE) calculation for forecasting of future investment returns
  • Using Profitability Index to calculate which old apartments ripe for collective sale will produce the highest rate of return, dollar for dollar
  • Forecast Capital Appreciation for one’s own home
  • Forecast Capital Appreciation for an Investment Property

About Sam

Real Estate Author, Trainer and Consultant

One of Singapore's leading real estate consultants. A veteran with more than 20 years of experience. Enough to go through many property cycles as well as weathered through many economic crises, such as the Asian Currency Crisis, the 911 incident and the SARS outbreak. Sam has been providing market analysis to real estate agencies, institutes, and developers.

He has written and published 12 books in total. Some of them can be found in the Singapore National Library. In 2009, he published the textbooks for the Certified Estate Agents Course. In collaboration with IEA, they certified more than 30% of the agents back then.

Being the first RES trainer all the way back in November 2010, he has trained more than 10,000 real estate realtors and developed content for 22 Core Professional Development (CPD) courses.

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If it is not for cashflows it is not investment

If it's not for cashflows, it's not investment

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