Recording: Real Estate Closing Techniques in the Post COVID-19 Era


In this 2-hour sharing, Sam will go through the following pointers on Real Estate Closing Techniques:

  • Psychology of Closing
  • Preparation of Closing
  • Physics of Closing
  • Handling of Emotions / Objections
  • Closing Signals
  • Closing Techniques
  • Relationship Building
2 generic CPD points will be awarded by SALT Pte Ltd. Accreditation of Generic points will be subjected to the approval of your respective agency’s KEO with a valid e-certification of attendance.
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The Art of Asking is in the heart of the psychology of closing. By asking, the salespersons will not lose track of the need to close consciously and close in style. Unlike negotiation, even if the salespersons are new, they can prepare for the closing early. Rehearse the closing lines and practice it to perfection. Very often, new salespersons missed out the closing signals. After this course, they will do well to always look for signals to close.

Sam will go through a total of 13 common closing techniques that are time-honored and ethically sound.