Recording: Multi-Million Dollar Plan to Beat the Recession


In this 2 hour session, Sam will answer the following questions:

  1. What if you run out of your marketing budget?
  2. What if you are down to your last 10 dollars?
  3. How are you going to split the 10-dollar bill to feed your family and to run the advertising & promotion (A&P) program for your customers?
  4. Do you really have a “Multi-million dollar Plan to sell a multi-million dollar property”?
  5. Besides the Internet and social media, how else can I market my listings?
  6. Do I have a “Multi-million Dollar Plan to sell a Multi-Million Dollar Property”?
  7. Do I have a “Multi-million Dollar Plan to beat the Recession”?

Missed this event? Fear not! All webinars are recorded and uploaded to our online portal. Customers who purchase this course can watch the replay and learn as well!

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