E-Learning: Land Law Knowledge for Real Estate Investors & Salespersons

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If you are a keen real estate investor, this E-Learning package will be just right for you to enhance your real estate knowledge.

It contains 10 real estate topics, ranging from general market knowledge to land rights, contractual rights, and it completes with ‘Landlord & Tenant laws’ in Singapore.

The lessons are all in bite size, and in between, you will have Multiple-Choice-Quiz (MCQ) to test your understanding.

If you are someone who is taking the RES course, good news for you!

I have recorded these 10 E-Learning videos are suitable for revision purposes.

You can now download the videos and listen to them over and over again in order to grasp the concepts.

Like what I have always said, learning real estate concepts is like learning a new language, you need practices over and over again.

If this is insufficient for you, there is a separate Multiple-Choice-Quiz (MCQ) for you, with more than 1,000 questions to prepare you fully for the RES Exam.

With this complete E-Learning package, you will just ace the exam once and for all.

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