E-Learning: How to Interpret the Singapore Real Estate Market

Sam will share with you how he examines the Singapore real estate market by first ‘looking out’ at the current world events; and then ‘looking in’ at Singapore’s domestic situations. He will then see how the combined effects of the two factors will impact the real estate transaction volume and price.

Sam will show you each and every step he takes in his interpretation and analysis of the market in this 2-hour E-learning CPD course.

The E-learning course will be divided into 4 modules, each lasting 20 to 25 minutes, and each ending with a short and simple quiz. (You can watch/listen at your own pace)

Module One – introduce and discuss macro factors
Module Two – domestic factors e.g. demography, policies, economic numbers and sudden developments
Module Three – fact-finding on transaction figures
Module Four – foreign buyers and leasing, pipeline supply and market forecast

You will be awarded the Electronic Certificate for this Generic CPD, upon completing the Post-course Evaluation Form online.

Award 2 Generic CPD points by Salt Pte Ltd


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E-Learning: Calculate Property Cost of Residential Property Investment

As the property owner, do you know the costs you have to bear in the holding period – even if you achieve zero vacancies in your tenancy over a long period of time? This CPD course aims to provide knowledge on how to calculate the costs of property ownership in Singapore.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify all Property costs involved in residential property investment
  • Differentiate one-off costs, such as stamp fees, disposal costs, maintenance & service charges, taxes and service commission for leasing
  • Calculate all relevant costs for the purpose of giving advice in good faith and with due diligence

This professional CPD course will be offered by our partner, C&H Group.


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E-Learning: Land Rights that affect Real Estate Investment Value

This CPD course aims to provide knowledge on the land interests that ‘other parties’ possess over the owner’s property, be it a landed house or a public flat. While the perspective of the course is from the possessory and non-possessory interests (the ‘What’), but along the way, the learners will also gain knowledge on ‘the other parties’ (the ‘Who’) who possess those interests.

Understand the concepts of property ownership:

  • Who is the property owner?
  • What rights does the property owner possess?
  • Who else may have interests to the land?
  • What interests do these ‘other parties’ possess over land?
  • How does the situation affect investment value?

This professional CPD course will be offered by our partner, C&H Group.


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