Acing the RES Exams

Specially designed to help beginners and repeat students to ace their RES paper 1 in their next attempt!

  • Strengthen core concepts in more than 30+ real estate topics
  • Effectively identify real estate topics that require strengthening
  • Prepare yourself by taking mock exams from our comprehensive bank of more than 1,000+ questions

Acing the RES Exams

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Strengthen your core RES concepts with 17 hours of RES revision lessons!
Practice and prepare for RES Paper 1 with more than 1,000+ exam-modelled questions!

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Hard Truths about the RES Exams

  • There were 29,146 realtors in Singapore as at 1 Jan 2019. That is a 2% increase as compared to 2018
  • With more realtors joining the industry, does it make sense to limit and control the quality of salespeople to prevent oversupply?
  • RES exams are brutal - You need 60% to pass but only a mind-blowing 30% of the students pass every year!
  • Joining this multi-billion dollar industry requires initial hard work and effort, but the rewards are well worth it!

Get Prepared! Ace your RES Paper 1 Exam with our...

RES Paper 1 Exam Revision on Steroids!

Dear RES Student,

You may have heard many horror stories about the RES Paper 1.

This paper has a higher failure rate as it deals with Real Estate concepts and law. It is geared towards understanding and applying terminologies and concepts relating to Singapore land law, contract law, and the real estate industry.

Some of you may have already attempted it and failed.

This is why I came up with this program to help you pass the RES Paper 1 in your next attempt.

It incorporates a 3-step framework to help you:

  1. Identify the areas you are weak at;
  2. Revise and improve your understanding of the subject(s) or topic(s) you are weak in; and
  3. Unpack the theories you have learned and improve your confidence through frequent practice with our mock RES Paper 1 exams

This is perfect for students who would like additional revisional materials as well as students who are short-of-time!


Pass the RES Paper 1 Exam with our...

3-Step Framework to Acing the RES Exams

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What You Get #1

Identify the Areas You Are Weak At

Acing the RES Exams gives you access to E-Learning: Land Law Knowledge for Real Estate Investors & Salespersons. This course has an overview quiz, titled "Land Law Knowledge Quiz". Complete all 50 questions within 2.5 hours, just like the timeframe you are given to complete RES Paper 1.

View your quiz statistics to see which lesson or topic you need improvement in!

What You Get #2

Comprehensive Revision Topics for RES Paper 1

Acing the RES Exams gives you access to E-Learning: Land Law Knowledge for Real Estate Investors & Salespersons. This course has close to 20 hours of pre-recorded content, covering all the topics for RES paper 1. This ranges from general market knowledge to land rights, contractual rights, and it completes with ‘Landlord & Tenant laws’ in Singapore.

Grasp the concepts of RES Paper 1 with these bite-sized revision videos today!

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What You Get #3

Practice, Practice & More Practice!

Acing the RES Exams gives you access to RES Revision Questions. This contains a question bank of more than 1,000 questions, modelling RES Paper 1 examination questions found across the past 10 years.

Unpack the theories you have learned in mock RES Paper 1 style as we randomise 50 questions to be completed within 2.5 hours.

Who is Sam Gian?

The courses for Acing the RES Exams are developed by Sam Gian, one of Singapore's leading real estate consultants. With more than 20 years of experience, Sam has been providing market analysis to real estate agencies, institutes, and developers.

He is also a master trainer, developing content and training for Professional CPD courses. He has trained more than 10,000 real estate realtors and also helped more than 1,000+ students pass the Real Estate Salesperson Exams.

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What Our Students Say...

Thumbs up for Sam. He is a positive and experienced trainer.

I noticed that many of the quiz questions actually came from real case laws that happened in Singapore. Because of that, the questions were very tricky and need the learners to revise repeatedly.

This is a good way of absorbing the concepts and preparing for the RES exams!

Harry L.

When the exam questions put all the concepts together into a real-life stories, I got lost. So, Sam’s revision course was very useful because they allowed learners to try them out again and again until they understand the test concepts!

I am now more prepared and confident in taking the upcoming RES exams. Thanks once again Sam!

Han T.S.

Great idea to have this RES Revision Course!

I was uncertain what the exams were testing me on and there was so little time to read and understand the questions.

Here I can practice and learn many things that I had not learned before. Many topics here are also not covered in the course. Thanks to the RES revision questions, I am able to apply the concepts I learned in real life scenarios!

Constance L.

Acing the RES Exams


This is a specially designed course that includes the E-Learning: Land Law Knowledge for Real Estate Investors and Salespersons and also the RES Revision Questions.

It is specially designed to help RES Students to identify, revise and practise for the RES Paper 1 exams, so they can ace it in their next attempt!

Signing up for this course gives you 90 days access to:

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the Real Estate Agency Industry
  • Lesson 2: Basic Land Law Concepts
  • Lesson 3: Rights in Another's Land
  • Lesson 4: Records of Land Rights & Capacity to Hold Land
  • Lesson 5: Real Estate Contracts
  • Lesson 6: Misrepresentation, Tort of Negligence & Duty of Care
  • Lesson 7: Agency Relationship & Role of Relevant Government Agencies
  • Lesson 8: Conveyance of Land Interests
  • Lesson 9: Co-Ownership of Land & Future Interests
  • Lesson 10: Landlord & Tenant and Change-Of-Use
  • End of Topic Quizzes to test your understanding of the topic
  • Land Law Knowledge Quiz to test your understanding across all 10 lessons
  • Quiz statistics to analyse which lesson and topic you are weak in
  • Unlimited attempts at the RES Mock Exams
  • More than 1,000 questions to unpack the theories you learnt, utilising real-life scenarios

The normal price for this retails at $550.
Save more than 65% by signing up at $197 today!


More about the Trainer

With more than 20 years of experience, Sam has been providing market analysis to real estate agencies, institutes and developers. He is recognised as a thought leader in Singapore properties. He has collaborated with many organisations in the capacity of a consultant on content development as well as delivering training on-site.

In this bundled course, Sam will have a trove of insights, tools and tips to help you revise for the RES Paper 1 exams, so you can ace the RES Exams in your next attempt!

Still Thinking About It?

Acing the RES Exams is specially designed to help students pass their next attempt. The content includes revision and lectures to help students enforce their understanding of certain topics and subjects they may have missed during classes.

It also contains quizzes with more than 1,000 questions, modelled after 10 years of RES questions. They are designed together with real-life scenarios to help unpack the theories and concepts of real estate and land law.

This is not a magic bullet that will help you pass the RES exams immediately after buying. I have specially structured this course to help you save time by identifying and revising the topics that need improvement! This is a one-stop solution for you... Just set aside the time to learn and practise for the RES Paper 1!

If the time and money commitment are right for you, let me help you ace the RES Paper 1 and pass it in your next attempt!